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Will Tanner
Managing Editor

Stress is nothing new to college students.

Juggling classes, study time and work can quickly lead to added stress in life. Add in being financially responsible and there is a recipe for “burning out.”

Nestled in the 1700 building, the Student Health and Wellness Center has plenty of resources to help students make sure they are staying mentally fit.

The Health and Wellness Center provides free counseling services and low cost referrals if they are unable to work with your schedule. Dayna Barbero, nurse practitioner, runs the center.

“LPC has a culture of caring, each one of us can make a positive difference in each others lives by spreading kindness and offering support to each other,” Barbero said.

With students being connected to their devices all day, Barbero sees the need for students to relax.

“Students are ‘plugged’ in 24/7 to social media, so during their ‘down time’ they are still engaged,” Barbero said in an email interview. “Students need to ‘consciously’ unplug for at least a few hours every day. Get outside without having to tweet about it or snapchat your every move.”

With an upcoming mental health first aid workshop centered around student needs, the campus faculty and staff members will get a chance to learn more about the resources available to them on and off campus.

Sean Prather, campus security supervisor, feels that everybody employed by the campus should be attending the meeting.

“If you work on a college campus, you’re going to have an interaction with students,” Prather said. “If we can better serve the students by being better trained as a whole that’s a positive thing.”

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