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Alexandra Lontoc


Paper and pen just don’t cut it anymore. Phones, tablets and laptops are a quintessential tool for many college students. From note taking to doing research, these devices have become a major necessity in class.

But these devices don’t always last a whole day and it requires to be charged every so often, and the struggle of finding an available outlet to plug these devices can be a challenge.

The Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC) have recently purchased four charging stations to be installed around campus according to Vice President of Student Services, William Garcia.

The charging station features a 19 inch touch screen display and speakers. Each unit has eight lockers which can be accessed with a unique four to six digit pin. The lockers can fit most standard tablets and smaller laptops for charging.

The stations will be assigned to the cafeteria, library, student life and tutorial center. Installation of the charging stations will be implemented within the next few weeks.

“ASLPC decided to purchase the charging stations after learning from students of the need to have a place to charge their mobile devices,” said Garcia.

Besides charging students’ phones, the stations will also be a good resource for any upcoming school events. “It will promote student-led activities,” said ASLPC President Tatiana Hernandez, providing electronic flyers and maybe cutback on paper flyers.

“It’s going to be a central location for student information,” said Jasleen Gill, ICC Chair.

Students will be able to leave their devices in a locker and let it charge while they attend or wait for their class.

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