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By Blake Sperling


ASLPC, which stands for Associated Students of Las Positas College, announced in during the Fall 2017 semester that they are in the process of changing their title, due to a case of mistaken identity.

Students, staff and others have been confusing the acronym of student government ASLPC, spe- cifically ASL, with the acronym for the American Sign Language Association.

The group has collectively chosen to change their name to LPCSG, an acronym for Las Positas College Student Government.

The purpose is to have their acronym more eas- ily recognizable, being a more precise indication of who they are and what they do.

Changing the name of student government is a process that involves numerous steps, but this con- version is proposed to be officially instituted during the first few weeks of May.

“Changing it involves changing the constitution of the ASLPC. It takes in total three to four months if you do it as fast as possible,” said Garrett Culberson, director of legislation of ASLPC. “We voted in both the student body and within our student government to approve the amendment of changing the name, but we still have to present it to the board of trustees, where there is an approxi- mately one month wait period to get an item on their agenda.”

The student government has until April 12 to turn in their proposal to the board of trustees for this amendment.

The issue is to be addressed in their agenda dur- ing their upcoming board meeting in May.

Culberson says “It can take a little bit of time to go through this entire process, but the changing of the name should happen within the first few weeks of May.”

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