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By Christopher Hartwell @SilienceSeen

After careful consideration, the LPC student government will be moving their election for the student body to a later date.

Due to a lack of student knowledge about the elections and a limited selection of candidates currently running, the date range of March 5 to March 12 will be changed to a future time, which according to several sources will likely be in the first few weeks of April.

According to student government director of events Tatiana Hernandez, it would have been unfair to students who wanted to run. If the elections were held at the dates they were formerly set to, only students currently in the student government and senate would have had an opportunity to run in the student government election.

Since the student government elections are based on democratic election norms, this is meant to be a fair and free election. Without common knowledge to how a student can run or to how they can participate in this process, the requirement for these elections to be free and fair cannot be truly be the case.

It was also reported that there were very few applicants for the elections and the needed number of candidates was not met. As this is the case, the student government is rescheduling and taking measures to spread awareness about the elections.

One way that awareness will be raised and introduced to interested individuals in potentially becoming candidates is this year’s Club Day. Student Government will be advertising the election and prospects for applicants looking for leadership positions.

As philosophy major and ICC Chair Jasleen Gill said, “Anybody can run, it’s not just being in a special position or anything. I came in here by mistake and I’ve lead really well, anybody can do that too.”

Any interested students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and 6 units currently enrolled and passed each semester. Elected officials may receive a scholarship of up to $700 for most positions and a scholarship of up to $1000 for the student body president.


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