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The student government did well in getting students to vote for this year’s election. This election was hard for the candidates to campaign due to the pandemic. Some candidates made video campaigns. There was even a virtual meeting where the candidates were asked questions based on their campaign statements.

The position for Student Government President was won by Kyle Johnson with 124 votes. Johnson was very excited when it was announced he won. He previously advocated at the state level through the SSCCC for financial aid, affordable housing, tuition reduction and the hunger free campus budget. Johnson also intends on having a LGBTQIA resource center on campus.

For Vice President it was close. Lara Weidemier won with 53 votes, Jacquline Carrillo had 45 and Yasmeen Ibrahim received 35 votes. Weidemier is excited about the position and can’t wait to get back to campus if we are able to. She wants to reinstate the textbook loner program back to the campus and free textbooks for students.

Yasmeen Ibrahim became the Director of Legislation after receiving 130 votes and she is very excited to be the next year’s elect. The Director of Legislation is an important position for student government as well as student life.

Director of Communications for next year will be Jacquline Carrillo, who won with 126 votes. She is glad that she will be the Director of Communications because she recognizes how important her new role is.

For Director of Events, Amy Attia won with 127 votes. She is an international student from Dubai who hopes to put together great events, even if we are not able to be on campus and have events there.

The candidates for the ICC Chair position were Sara Kim and Tyler Rivas. Kim won with 63 votes while Rivas received 60 votes, but since Sara Kim did not accept the position, Tyler Rivas will be the ICC Chair elect.

The Student Trustee is a position in which one student serves as the voice of their fellow students at the district board meetings. There were three candidates for this position, Ilham Ansari, Nevaeha Avila and Sara Kim. Sara Kim won with 79 votes, Ilham Ansari finished in second with 72 votes, while Avila had 37. Kim has won both of her candidate’s positions but will only serve as Student Trustee.

The winners will be sworn in at the Chabot-Las Positas College District meeting on May 18, 2021.

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