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Aretha Welch
Editor in chief

Nader Khalil is a relative nobody…but he somehow came in as the second runner up for LPC’s individual of the year. Khalil was only three votes behind this year’s winner, Academic Senate president Sarah Thompson. Whether his rise from relative obscurity to the top of the LPC totem pole is weirder than the reason he was even nominated is up for question. Eighteen-year-old Nader Khalil was nominated for person of the year after capping 7 votes from members of the LPC community. According to several of his friends, he was nominated because he “can do the Carlton (from the T.V. show Fresh prince of Bel Air) really well. “

While the reason they choose him may seem blithe and trivial, there is more to Khalil that makes him an interesting choice.

The Lebanese born mechanical engineering major moved to Pleasanton from San Diego in July 2011 and hasn’t looked back since, participating in cross country, open mic nights and even the business club here at LPC. But before his move, Khalil, who wants to have a career in developing robotics and troubleshooting robot-programming systems, was all over several local news networks for the research he did during his internship at Sandia National Laboratories while he was back in San Diego.

While only in his first year, Khalil, who is fluent in both Arabic and English and has a working knowledge of French, plans to transfer to one of the University of California campuses in southern California.

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