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The Oscars are upon us! For its 95th award ceremony, the Best Picture award is highly anticipated. Will ‘Avatar The Way of Water’ take the win with its billion-dollar spectacle and innovations in film technology? Will ‘The Fabelmans’ reel it in with it’s story of young Spielgbergs coming to be and a wonderlike lens on the world of film? Or will ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ take the cake with a compelling mother-daughter conflict in the blanket of superhero powers and experimental sequences? 

The Academy Awards are coming Mar. 12, so start making your predictions! 

This year’s round of nominees are “Elvis,” “Top-Gun Maverick,” “Women Talking,” Everything Everywhere All At Once,” The Banshees of Inisherin,” “Triangle of Sadness,” “The Fabelmans,” All Quiet on the Western Front,” Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Tar.”

Here’s who the Express Staff thinks the coveted “Best Picture” award should go to.

Brijae Boyd 

Staff Writer  

Choice: Everything Everywhere All At Once 

“I only saw two movies out of the entire list and ‘Top Gun Maverick’ just wasn’t doing it for me. I thought ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ had a pretty versatile plot a lot of people could relate to and it really hit.”

Natalie Kruger 

Staff Writer

Choice: Everything Everywhere All at Once

“I picked ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ because number one, it’s the only movie I saw out of the choices, and number two I think it was a really meaningful film and it had a great message.”


Lizzy Rager


Choice: Everything Everywhere All At Once 

“I actually haven’t seen all of the Academy Award movies, but out of the ones I have seen, I think ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ is the one that I want to win…I don’t go to the movies a lot actually, I try to save money, but going to see that was a really really cool experience. I’ve never seen a film like that before…It was basically a superhero movie. I think in an age where Marvel movies are just taking up that entire genre and a little bit of DC, but it’s mostly Marvel, to see that in this movie along with these other themes of family and culture and time, it was really cool.”

Brandon Byrne

Social media Manager and A&E Editor

Choice: Top Gun Maverick 

“‘Top Gun Maverick’ was as good as the first one, but it was better in ‘Maverick’. ‘Top Gun Maverick’ was better than ‘Elvis’ because the soundtrack was better in ‘Top Gun Maverick’. The movie ‘Top Gun Maverick story’ was great.”

Landon Jansen 

Staff Writer

Choice: n/a

“Honestly I have no idea what any of those are except for ‘Avatar The Way of Water’. I don’t think ‘Avatar The Way of Water’ is going to win.”

Peter Zimmer

Freelance Writer

Choice: The Banshees of Inisherin

“Great cinematography, great acting, and great story.”

Georgia Whiting

Managing Editor & Photo Editor  

Choice: Everything Everywhere All At Once  

“It’s a complicated yet simple film. It touches on relationships that we all may know of or have, but it adds drama and comedy with the multiverse angle. It also has a ton of symbolism which I thought was cool and interesting…For a film with a much smaller budget than the majority of franchise films, it packed a bigger punch.”


Gabriel Carver

Staff Writer

Choice: Top Gun Maverick

“I personally saw ‘Top Gun Maverick’ before I even saw the original movie. Usually a movie won’t make sense if you do not see the movie that came before that, but in this case I understood the movie entirely because of how they feed you the information from the older movie throughout. It was action-packed and we had entertainment the entire way through. The movie was so good that I went back and watched the older one, making me fall in love with the universe. It also brought out old desires to be in the air, and be able to fly.”

Alan Lewis

Staff Writer

“I liked the movie. I thought it was even better than the origins, which typically sequels are not as good as the original. I liked the action of the planes and I liked the interaction of Tom Cruise’s character with his bosses.”

Brandon Bryrn is the social media manager and A&E editor of Express.

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