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As the semester comes to a close, the Express team reflects on their favorite parts of running the best, and only, student-run newspaper of Las Positas College, and their future plans. They will all miss room 2409, the media lab where all the magic happens. The Express also wishes luck to the Las Positas class of 2023.

Don’t forget your humble college newspaper when you get big.

Lizzy Rager


“I will be starting at UC Santa Barbara this summer. I hope to join the newspaper there and possibly write for the magazine since I have never done that”…”Express kind of opened a world for me. Being in the classroom for eight or nine hours working on production day. It was really fun and we were really tired but it was worth it—seeing your hard work come to life.”

Georgia Whiting

Managing editor and photo editor

“My plans involve working, small trips and packing for my move to San Diego. I have learned so much more about LPC and the people here through my valuable but short time on the Express.”

Brandon Byrne

Arts and entertainment editor

“I am traveling. I plan to visit Baltimore, Maryland, Seattle, Washington and Montana. My favorite experience was helping the editor-in-chief, Lizzy, since we had a small staff.”

Gabriel Carver

Staff writer

“Since there are no more classes I will have time to focus on my own personal projects. I plan on working on a zine, my photography book about Santa Cruz”…”I liked going around interviewing for sports stories, getting to know the athletes.”

Landon Jansen

Staff writer

“I am going backpacking like right away. I was hoping to attend leadership training at the Air Force Academy but I am on the waitlist. My favorite part of the Express was the first day I walked in. I was asked if I had a story idea, I was like, ‘I just got here.’ But within five minutes, I had a story idea.”

Brijae Boyd

Staff writer

“My plans are to go to Disneyland with my family, and take classes at LPC. My favorite part of the Express is I learned something new about writing on every article I made.”

Alan Lewis

Staff writer

“My plans this summer are to travel to Death Valley, Glacier National Park, Switzerland, Netherlands and France in Europe. My favorite memory of being on the Express is working with such talented people.”

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