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Spring is already here and summer is just right around the corner. In the fashion world that means outfits should have been picked out months ago.


Previews for spring fashion collections usually come out in February, according to Women’s Wear Daily Magazine, and this year features some new trends and old favorites for women.


“Popular spring trends for women include suede on clothes and shoes, flats for shoes, light knit sweaters in bright colors, fringe is back in and even plaid,” according to ELLE Magazine writers Nikki Ogunnaike and Justine Carreon


For men, “grey and mint green are popular colors at the moment for men pastels are very in right now,” said Nick Carvell, GQ magazine associate style editor.


Denim is all over the place and it’s ripped, patched, and bleached. Nylon jackets are light and make a bold statement for any man. Bomber jackets are still very popular, for men. They are super light and the most favored kind is all suede in light colors such as beige.


For college students on a budget, there are a couple of affordable options for stores to shop at. Forever 21 is fast in fashion and keeps up with the latest trends, offering, among other hot items, faux suede products and mint-colored clothing and accessories for both men and women.


Topshop and Topman offer student discounts of ten percent off all purchases. For online purchases, there’s no tax, which can save the savvy college student some change. Many of their looks are current and were shown at Spring Fashion Week in London.


Ladies love their Kate Spade and they are very into girly items as well as incorporating those pastels this season. The fashion house offers an additional 15 percent discount for their clients.


Ralph Lauren is still exceptional in their designs and looks for men and offers inexpensive leather jackets in store. Ask for the student discount at checkout and they take off 15 percent of the whole purchase as well.


Need fresh ideas? Hit the nearest magazine rack.


“We to turn to fashion magazines or blogs for inspiration when it changes seasons and we need some inspiration to update our wardrobe. It occurs in both men and women and is very common,” Teen Vogue correspondent Alisson Syreff said.


If you’re the type of man or woman who loves fashion, it comes easy. Knowing where to shop and spot deals on styles comes naturally. But if you’re a fashion dud there are all sorts of tools to help you spot looks for your spring wardrobe. Being a college student, it’s all about comfort most of the time.


“If a pair of Nike’s, sweatpants and a hoodie make you happy just rock it. It’s classic and really never goes out of style. I’m always working and try to stay as stylish as I can be whenever I get the chance,” said Jian Deleon of GQ Magazine.


Above are two students, Jeremy Renner and Whitney Celeste who find affordable fashion while working in the city at Vince. They both attend San Francisco State University and still manage to work part-time. Jeremy is studying business and Whitney is a performing arts major at school.


These two certainly have style and make a bold statement when out and about. Their go to favorite places to shop are H&M and Urban Outfitters. “Urban and H&M are just with it, they are inexpensive and up to date with all the latest trends and designers, that’s why I keep going back,” Celeste said.


It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day whether it’s high fashion or bargain looks. It’s all about the trend or style and how it’s worn. It’s a piece of iconography that people will remember someone by. Remember these important words when out shopping next time, “fashion fades, but style is eternal.”


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