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Ashley Freitas
Staff Writer

Teenage drama goes to stage.

From April 4 through 13, the Las Positas College Theater Department will be showing “Spring Awakening.”

“Spring Awakening,” a play originally by Frank Wedekind,  not only dealt with many different problems that plague so many teenagers and those who are close to them. But they also deal with the fact that society does not try to help them with these problems.

It deals with issues such as how unexpected pregnancy can happen, even in the most unfortunate of circumstances, the struggles of dealing with one’s sexuality and even the anxiety and stress that can occur from having to deal with school.

All of these were touched on throughout the play as well as how there is the problem with miscommunication that can make these problems worse for everyone who is involved.

During the musical number “Totally F—–,” all of the actors started to dance around in a provocative manner while the character Ernst, played by Sean McGrory, jumped onto the character Herr Sonnenstich, played by Matthew Hofstad, and started to hump him. The best part was that Hofstad’s character maintained a straight face throughout the number. In a later scene, Ernst is also shown in an intimate scene with another character.

There was even a moment when the Anders Ravenstad’s character, Hanschen was pretending to masturbate under his nightgown.

The whole play had moments that were not only comical but they also helped lighten the mood for the entire play. However, there were still moments in the play where characters realized what they did wrong way too late.

The way that the actors handled themselves in the play, by paying attention to detail, even with some of the harder situations, was very well done. The ways that the actors took the chance to portray the different characters so colorfully despite the dark situations was executed in a precise way.

“Spring Awakening” exploits the parts of society that people choose to ignore.

It definitely sprung me awake.

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