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It has been almost three weeks since sports were partially back at Las Positas College. While indoor games are still not allowed, soccer has been under the reflectors since the first seasonal game played on March 11, 2020, facing Cabrillo College. 

Then a week later, on March 18, the Hawks went to Saratoga to face West Valley College. And despite the loss for the men’s team, the players were starting to warm up showing up in good shape. 

We will play every Thursday for six weeks,” said Andrew Cumbo a few weeks ago, after the second seasonal game. 

Indeed, on March 25, it was San Francisco College’s turn. The third game of the season and an important turning point for the Hawks before starting over again. 

After the women’s team game there was an hour break before the second game. Around the pitch, people were waiting for the teams, but nobody was showing up. People thought about a late start due to a last-minute inconvenience.

Ten minutes before the scheduled time, it was evident that something was wrong. There were no teams, coaches and staff. The soccer field was deserted.

Nathan Brandon, athletic assistant and equipment technician, was on the pitch tidying up the area and removing the yellow tape around the steps.  

“I am sorry to announce that there will be no more games for today. The men’s game has been canceled due to a player tested positive to COVID-19,” explained Brandon. 

While it is still not clear if the player tested positive was one of the Hawks team, the possible scenarios are quite expectable. Whether the player who tested positive is a Hawks player, the team will probably skip the next two games since the 14 days quarantine is required.

Instead, In case the player tested positive to COVID-19 is a San Francisco College player, the Hawks might recover and play the canceled game in the future. Most probably at the end of the round. 

The only certainty is that this unpleasant drawback hit again on college-level sports influencing the season with a possible break. This new possible break, even if shorter than the last hiatus, might be a negative factor influencing both players’ sharpness and attitude for the coming games. 

Alessio Cavalca is a staff writer for The Express. Follow him @AlessioCavalca.

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