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By Greg Buckley and Gabriel Crosetti
@gbuckking and @gabecrosetti

A handful of sharks were swimming around, but the tank never opened.

If students and staff ever wonder why no one shows up to campus events, know that this is one of the many reasons.

On March 14, the fourth annual Shark Tank was supposed to take place. Yet the theater doors remained closed for an hour before the crowd realized it wasn’t happening.

Flustered and looking for any signs of life, the crowd herded around one of the many flyer-riddled boards around campus.

Grabbing the Shark Tank flyer, which looks like every other flyer ever made on campus, the date and time was confirmed… it was supposed to be at that exact instance.

Scanning over the flyer, certain words stood out: innovation, passion, and professional. Yet, just like the pitch-black theater, those words never saw the light.

There may be a legitimate reason as to why it didn’t happen, but that its cancelation wasn’t communicated in time — or at all — was a slap in the face.

Time was taken to hang all the flyers, which solved the first issue of attempting to earn an audience, but the issue of letting people know the event was not happening was never solved.

Students already have a hectic schedule, and getting them to deviate from their plans can be a lot to ask for. It becomes even more of a hassle when the doors never open.

Ultimately, students who run these events need to do a better job. Not only at effectively communicating the status of the event, but on hosting an entertaining event or one which actually occurs.

Most school events are put on for students, yet they lack the creativity to put on something cool or relatable to LPC. The want-to is there, but the know-how is missing in action.

As the students who showed up for the Shark Tank walked off, they had a unified feeling of disappointment and the sensation of getting played.

At least for today they did.

Events like this resemble the place where the flyers end up. Trash.

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