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By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis

The video game console industry has always been a race for the most sales, games and power. Xbox and PlayStation have been at it for years to see who can make the most powerful system between the two.

Sony released its 4k capable variant of the PlayStation 4 last fall, the PS4 pro. Microsoft has had their own upgraded version of the Xbox One in the works and have finally unveiled the specifications for Project Scorpio this past week on DigitalFoundry.

Scorpio is planned to be the most powerful console in the history of gaming, offering a chip that boasts 2.3 Ghz of processing power according to DigitalFoundry. This is incredibly powerful, it can be compared to some of the more higher end PCs.

Yes, the Scorpio has all the power in the world, but all of that power is going to waste if there are no games to play on this thing, and unfortunately Microsoft has fallen behind in that regard.

The Scorpio comes out in Fall 2017, but there’s a major lack of titles to play on it.

PlayStation wins when it comes to software quality and quantity. This Spring alone we saw more PS4 exclusives than Xbox in the last year including game of the year caliber titles like Nier, Nioh and Persona 5.

This being said, the Scorpio may be in trouble. With a possible $500 price tag Xbox must appeal to the hardcore gamers.

The only big games announced for Xbox are Crackdown, State of Decay and Sea of Thieves all of which lack solid release dates and gamers have barely seen any footage of each game, which is a scary place for Microsoft to be in.

It could be another system used only for Netflix and Hulu if their cards aren’t played right.

Microsoft relies on franchises such as Halo, Gears and Forza to push sales and sadly, this isn’t enough. These franchises may be great, but fans want a larger variety than the same shooter or racing game every year.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is this June, so hopefully Microsoft will announce a slew of upcoming exclusives to make a Scorpio purchase worthwhile.

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