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As students return to campus, the race for free money kicks into high gear. From $10 awards to $25,000, LPC’s financial aid office is offering a wide range of scholarships to help every kind of student pay tuition and afford vital class resources such as textbooks and school supplies.

In addition to applying to The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or The California Dream Act Application, students are expected to complete the Scholarship Application to be eligible. To apply, the student must have been enrolled in at least 12 total units or more, must be currently enrolled in six units and must have a grade point average of at least 2.0. Aside from these requirements, all applicants are expected to upload their academic transcripts. 

The application asks a series of questions about race, ethnicity and individual disadvantages that may play a role in what kind of scholarships one is considered for. This information is necessary to match students to appropriate organizations that meet their needs.

After the general inquiry section, the application includes a personal statement section in which the applicant should address their career, achievements, background, interests and future goals. To provide students with extra help, Las Positas’ financial aid office has uploaded supplemental videos about the process to their Youtube channel.

LPC also provides a list of external scholarships on their website that have varying deadlines from March to May. These scholarships vary in career and tend to be particular to specific majors.

Depending on the scholarship, students may also need to submit reference letters. LPC recommends obtaining these from trusted sources such as professors or academic advisors as soon as possible to prevent falling behind deadlines. 

After applying, students are advised to consistently check their zonemail accounts for any emails about awards. Students should also turn to their class-web accounts for any updates regarding financial aid.

For assistance, the financial aid office offers drop-in hours that vary throughout the week and holds open cranium cafe sessions to speak to an advisor if need be.

The last day to apply for LPC’s Scholarship Application is March 9, 2022 at midnight, so what are you waiting for? Get busy!

Sophia Sipe is Editor-In-Chief for The Express. Follow her @sophiasipe.


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