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13 out of 15 women at Las Positas College answered “slutty” over “scary” this year for Halloween. When asked why, their answer was simple. “Because, why not.” Every other day of the year for many years, women are expected to look professional, put together and dress like a classy lady. You can’t show too much or you’re thought of as a slut. You can’t cover yourself up or you’re labeled insecure. It’s a never-ending and always-losing battle for women when discussing how to present themselves. Not on Halloween.

There are going to be people who scold you for having no self-respect. But self-respect is different for everyone. Feeling your most confident and sexy self for a woman is everything. No matter what you wear, to know what it feels like to turn heads and be drooled over for one night of the year. 

“It is okay to want to embrace your sexuality, your womanliness and to resent patriarchy for how it views you in doing this,” says the article from Albany Student Press. It’s true. It’s refreshing for at least one day out of the year they feel sexy. “Halloween is the one time of year where a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say a thing about it,” says Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan in the film “Mean Girls.” A woman dressing sexy is a celebration of their pride and freedom. A tool of liberation.

Halloween is supposed to be fun. It’s the one night a year to dress up and be nothing like your everyday self. So, the question is, why not? There’s no reason for a woman not to feel sexy and confident in an outfit that shows off her figure. To women everywhere, get together a group of your best girlfriends and just let loose. For one night, don’t worry about what people will say about your body or how dolled up you look. For Halloween, be whoever you want to be. Isn’t that the point? 

Don’t be ashamed to want to be the slutty nurse or the naughty schoolgirl. Masquerade as somebody else. When you wake up the following day, remember how it felt to be not just a put-together lady but a sexy woman.

Because, why not?

Camille Deluc is the Opinions editor at the Express.

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