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Elizabeth Joy


A silent protest spoke loudly, and perhaps it spoke even louder than words.

This past week at LPC as BSU Club students gathered to support the Sanctuary Resolution.

Held both Monday and Tuesday, prior to the resolution being signed Dec. 5 at Chabot College where the district board meeting was held, the goal of the protest was to bring awareness of this concern to students.

“We want to get the word out. Most don’t even know what a sanctuary is even all about,” explained BSU student Lylah Schmedel as she wrote “be the change” on a sign.

In definition, a sanctuary campus is any college or university in the United States that adopts policies to protect members of the campus community who are undocumented immigrants.

Justine Magoon, also a BSU club student, shared that her reason for being there at the protest was “for everyone to feel safe.”

For these students, the threat they once felt should be put at ease.

The word is getting out and the voices that have wanted to be heard, have been taken seriously.

Awareness about these matters has spread both throughout the college campus’ and communities, bringing compassion and solutions to those who have wanted change and to make a difference.

The District Board of Trustees all voted in unison to secure the resolutions from Chabot and LPC colleges, with a few amendments, finalizing and ensuring that they will be Sanctuary campus’.

The Board and Chancellor, Dr. Jackson, are also wanting a similar district-wide resolution to be created by staff.

They hope that it will send a strong message to the community that they are in support of all district students.

In an interview with Guisselle Nuñez, Director of Public Relations for the Chabot-Las Positas District, she reassured that Dr. Jackson has the same goals as she did from the beginning— to continue to do what’s best for the students.

Melissa Korber, LPC Academic Senate President, Mass Communications Professor, and adviser to the Express Newspaper said, “The resolution passed by the board reaffirms the districts commitment to provide a safe learning environment for all— a sanctuary for all.”

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