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Kalama Hines
Features Editor

It’s sleek, attractive and brand new.  Apples iOS7, software update, has been released and reviewed.

It has been a week since apple released its iOS7 update and the conversations about it have taken over forums.

With most of Apple’s products the good opinions heavily outweigh the bad.  Along with the good and bad there are regularly updates viewed, by its users, as useless.

For the most part this is true with iOS7.

The Good

With this new update, the new iPhone will offer a “control center.”  With this new inclusion, a simple upward swipe on the screen gives the user access to most of what they need.

In this new control center an iPhone user will immediately be able to use their flashlight, set an alarm, have access to their calculator and of course snap a picture.  This cuts down on search time, because not everything worth taking a picture of can wait for a password.

Also, with the control center, access to your playing media is a simple swipe away.  No more double-clicking and sliding your screens around, these things are all at your beck and call.

The Bad

The entire layout of the iPhone has been changed.

The new design and aesthetics of Apple products have many in a confused and somewhat angry state.

This issue is not necessarily a bad thing, but for many people change is difficult.

This problem is one that is easily handled with nothing more than a little time.

The Useless

The addition of the control center limits the need for several apps.  For the screen organization freak, there is no longer need for a separate calculator or flashlight app, as they are now just space eaters.

Also, the settings menu seems to be a bit redundant, as many features accessed through “settings” are also included in the control center.

Final Thoughts

There have been grumblings about the latest operating system out of the kitchen of Apple, but these grumblings are nothing more than misplaced hatred of change.

IOS7 is nothing but an advancement in what is already a dominating device.


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