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Will Tanner
A&E Editor

“We have three seasons: the pre-season, the regular season, and the postseason. And we plan to get to (the postseason).”

Women’s basketball head coach Clarence Morgan is already having fun. His team is comprised of all freshmen except for one. His lone sophomore saw limited minutes last season.

“Our goal right now is to be better in the second half than the first half,” Morgan said. “It’s going to take about 10 games to get used to playing with each other at this level.”

Guard Marcean Bryant noticed a difference in the game tempo immediately in her first game. It was nothing like she was used to in her high school days.

“College ball is a huge difference from high school,” said Bryant. “It’s a wide awakening. We’ve just got to be all there and want it all.”

Right now it’s all about getting the Hawks to play as a unit. They’re young, but they know that with this young season they have a long way to go.

“Our bond isn’t there yet, but it’ll get better,” said guard Breanna Wilson.

Morgan isn’t really worried. He’s primarily in teaching mode. For him, this is the learning season for his players. The majority of his players are still working at the high school game speed and are used to playing 32 minutes instead of 40.

“They got pushed, shoved, beat up real good,” said Morgan. “In every game I’ve been to, by the ten minute mark of the first half there has been double bonus both ways.”

Wilson was quick to agree.

“You don’t expect it at first, but they call everything,” said Wilson. “When you get that call, you’ll be like ‘I didn’t do anything.’ (The ref’s) like ‘You touched her.’ Of course I did, it’s basketball.”

Coach Morgan isn’t worried about his team this season. He’s looking ahead to the future.

“At this stage of the year, with all the talent we have, I’m not worried,” said Morgan. “I already see next year.”

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