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Ashley Freitas
Staff writer

Forbes created a list of the top colleges back in July 2013. On their website you have the option to choose only colleges in a certain state, so of course why not check to see the top colleges in California.

The list will be in order from first to tenth place according to the entire list that Forbes created.

1. Stanford University (Forbes, 1) Stanford University has seven schools: Business, Earth Sciences, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Sciences, Law and Medicine.

Mascot: Stanford Tree (Unofficial) Website:

2. Pomona College (Forbes, 2) Pomona College is another small college with about 1,600 students on a 140 acre campus.

Mascot: Cecil Sagehen Website:

3. California Institute of Technology (Forbes, 18) California Institute of Technology is on a 124 acre campus that opened in 1891 under the name Throop University and was renamed in 1920.

Mascot: Beaver Website:

4. University of California, Berkeley (Forbes, 22) The University of California, Berkeley has three main libraries, and has over 10 million volumes in its library.

Mascot: Oski Website:

5. University of California, Los Angeles (Forbes, 34) In 2012, UCLA “Emeritus Professor Lloyd Shapley received a Nobel Prize in economic sciences for the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design.”

Mascot: Joe and Josephine Bruin Website:

6. Harvey Mudd College (Forbes, 52) Harvery Mudd College has a small number of students and opened its doors just a little before Sputnik I was launched.

Mascot: Wally Wart Website:

7. University of Southern California (Forbes, 63) The University of Southern California has a bronze sculpture created by Roger Noble Burnham that is nicknamed “Tommy the Trojan.”

Mascot: USC Traveler Website:

8. Santa Clara University (Forbes, 72) SCU is a Catholic Jesuit University that has been around for 450 years.

Mascot: Bucky the Bronco Website:

9. Scripps College (Forbes, 95) Scripps College is a women’s college that started off as just nine cottages and has grown since then.

Mascot: La Semeuse Website:

10. University of California, Santa Barbara (Forbes, 96) UCSB is a member of the Association of American Universities and has over 3 million volumes in its library.

Mascot: The Gauchos Website:

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