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There have been many things President Joe Biden has promised and pursued the benefit of Americans. On April 28, President Biden announced the American Families Plan that includes an investment in education. The plan includes billions of dollars for free universal pre-school and for two years of community college free.

According to the White House’s Fact Sheet, “our transforming economy requires that we provide every student the opportunity to obtain a postsecondary degree or certificate. That is why the American Families Plan calls for an additional four years of free, public education for our nation’s children.” 

This part of his announced plan will provide financial relief for community college students for a short period of time. I wish the plan was for more years or maybe add some form of relief for college students after community college, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. Those who can’t pursue higher education due to cost will have the opportunity to attend. 

This relief will mean free community college to every American, including the DREAMers. 

The Pell Grant award will increase because the maximum grant no longer covers the majority of funds necessary for a four-year college degree. The increased amount would be increased by $1,400. 

I understand that we need to invest in education and somehow make it more accessible and affordable for our students. I agree with that pursuit, but how we get there is our focus. 

I would support the idea of free community college for two years. I wish it would be longer. It’s good that the President is proposing a step in the right direction, but because it’s only for a few years of college, would it be durable?

The rising cost of tuition and other financial burdens are restricting recent graduates and potential students from attending, and even with this 2-year gap of financial relief, I am questioning whether or not it would be enough.

Once those 2 years are up, I’d hope for new proposals like this that would benefit students who attend college or universities. Not just from a financial standpoint, but I would want to extend it further or find alternative ways that will give many Americans, including those from low- and middle-income backgrounds, a better chance of attending higher education and achieving their goals. 

I appreciate that I’m fortunate enough to have my resources and enough financial stability to attend Las Positas, but I acknowledge those who aren’t in my position. I am hopeful that we will read a different chapter, where the possibility of attending college, reaching our goals, and having enough stability to achieve all of that is possible. 

I have friends who desire to attend college or other places of higher education or interest, but there are still obstacles they tend to face. Financial stability is one of many common obstacles we face and I would like that dark cloud to stop hovering over people’s heads.

I tend to try to balance everything, my workload from college, my personal life and everything I am doing for myself and others. I try my best in my education. I don’t want to slack off or throw it away because I’m in a position that many others would want to be in. 

I’m attending college and I desire to go to San Francisco State University or Humboldt State University. Again, some people may have the resources and the stability to attend, but there are people who can’t, unfortunately. I am one of many who are reaching a milestone towards their end goal, but there are people who can’t take a step with us due to financial or other constraints.

We must hope that Biden’s plan will be an open door to many more opportunities for Americans. The American Families Plan should be the first step, not just a temporary fix. 

Gibran Beydoun is a staff writer for The Express. Follow him @Gibran580MSCM.

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