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By Elijah Kutsenda

Las Positas College is developing its campus according to the Facilities Master Plan released in 2012. The campus has already seen improvements with the construction of the 100 building but can also expect to see several new buildings in the future. Also included are plans for a new athletic facility including additional fields.

The student body has steadily increased in size over the past several years according to the California Community Colleges Student Success Scorecard. With the growth of the campus and its student population the need for parking will increase. The Facilities Master plan addresses this growth by introducing parking lot J for the future athletic area developments. In addition, the plan introduces the possibility of relocating the photovoltaic display and redeveloping the space into an additional lot.

The latest parking improvements included the introduction of shade structures as called for in the Las Positas Design Guide released by Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey Carducci & Associates, Inc.

For the time being, students can expect parking to remain the same. According to some students they’re okay with that, “I don’t think parking is too much of an issue yet.” said Maria, a LPC student, “But when they build more stuff we’ll need more parking.” Students can look forward to additional parking areas with the introduction of new facilities in the years to come.


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