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An eight-lane track lies on the Las Positas campus. An installation worth hundreds of thousands, only being used by the college running/jogging class. 

In 2017, Las Positas traded its track and field program as well as the cross-country program to Chabot College for women’s volleyball even though the programs had success under Kyle Robinson, the previous Las Positas coach for cross-country. 

“I just remembered it being really good. I remember the coach was really good,” James Giacomazzi, Las Positas athletic director, said.

With athletes like Jason Intravaia, who ran 8,000 meters in 24:41, which is a 4:58 each mile, and Janae Mayfield, who ran 6,000 meters in 24:20, 6:32 each mile, the program proved to foster burgeoning athletes.

“He was teaching at Chabot, and he was doing a lot of work on that side. So that’s when they brought cross country to Chabot,” Giacomazzi said in reference to why the schools traded sports. Other reasons were detailed in a memo by the former Athletic Director Amir Law to the LPC Academic Senate in 2018. They included the preferences of students at the campuses and cost savings.

 Even though the program had its success, it seemed Las Positas did not want to gamble on keeping the program and hiring a new coach. 

As of 2023, it was like the program never existed. Most students on campus didn’t know there used to be a program.

Liliana Vela is a student in the running/jogging class that meets on the track every Tuesday and Thursday.

“I actually did not know that,” Vela said when asked if she knew about the previous cross-country program. 

“It’s honestly a coping mechanism and I find it fun,” Vela said. The act of running is a common way to help get rid of stress as well as something that can bring you positive endorphins, according to the National Institutes of Health. The benefits occur to anyone, whether someone is new to running or a veteran at it.

Running students in the class expressed an interest in competing in cross-country. The class had about six people with only two having any prior running experience. 

“I feel like that’d be something I’d be interested in,” Vela said, “Yeah, of course,” said Cara Lee, in the running class.

A revival to the cross country and track team could offer more opportunities for student athletes at Las Positas. Colleges fight for the ability to get a track and field while the Las Positas track collects dust.

Gabriel Carver is a staff writer for the Express. Follow him @Cup1dco.

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