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The Las Positas men’s basketball team seems to be off to a soaring start with nothing but high hopes for themselves and also for others. With a breaking even record last season in conference going 7-7 and an overall record of 19-12 , the Hawks are looking to change that this season. 

The Hawks have had their first practice already, and on the court, it seems as though the energy has improved. Returners from last year’s team include  Joseph Mangonon, Nayveon Reed (that’s me), CJ Ward and Jajuan Mitchell-Cox. All say that they have high hopes for the upcoming season as they try their best to keep the cultural structure from last year into this year’s team, since they have to lead this new team to their goal. 

With so many new faces, the Hawks have added a lot of depth this year, adding a lot of transfers and freshmen coming into the program.This depth can be so beneficial having more players on the team means more people get to rest and there can be better rotations on the floor. + a sentence on what “depth” means to the team?

The first practice of the season was intense and hard for some players because of all the new basketball terminology. There were some players who understood the terminology right away, and others who struggled in the beginning.

Since I know right from wrong on the court, I can see which players are going to be really useful to the team this year. 

I know this season is going to be different. I can feel it.

I’m not alone. One of our other returning players, Joseph Mangonon, says he has high hopes for this upcoming season.

“Last year was a great lead-in year for me. The culture is a lot different. We have a lot of guys who want to compete and a lot of guys who want to win. I’m excited for what’s to come this year” said Mangonon when asked about this upcoming season.

We hope the Hawks can turn their season around from last year. During the first practice, Joseph and I saw a lot of good things coming, and we have nothing but high hopes for this next season.  

Nayveon Reed is a staff writer for The Express. Follow him @navi.reed.

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