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By Christopher Hartwell @Silienceseen

It’s been five months since the elections this past year. Nov. 8, 2016 marked a momentous occasion that changed everything: cannabis became legal recreationally in California. With April 20, known widely as 420, coming upon us, celebration of the newly decriminalized substance is likely to be seen, highly likely.

For LPC student and cannabis enthusiast Mike Salazar, this day is going to be important as its first for legal fun. Salazar said, “I actually have the day off of work and school, so I’m going to be chilling with my friends that have marijuana cards. Just going to be going around smoking, just Uber and smoke.”

Although it’s now legal, there are still some downfalls. Adults 21 and over may have up to 28.5 grams or roughly one ounce on their person, and if the cannabis is concentrated then they only eight grams will be allowed.

If anyone wants to spend the day cultivating any marijuana plants, then they should know that while Alameda County has laws prohibiting the growing or manufacturing of cannabis, state law says that cities can’t keep anyone from growing marijuana inside their home so long as there.

This includes rental homes and apartments that do not say otherwise in their contracts, so people should feel free to pot those plants as long as there are only six plants, which are legally allowed.

Even though these rules allow for the legal consumption of cannabis, not everyone is celebrating 420 this year.

With LPC student Thomas Clark, this day approaching isn’t a big concern for him. “It’s something that I don’t look down upon it, it’s fine,” said Clark.

Outside of his appreciation for the substance from afar, Clark doesn’t really have a personal opinion since he doesn’t interact with or consume marijuana.

For Michael Messenger however, there are some specific reasons for not having marijuana.

Messenger said, “If you like to do it, that’s cool. Go have fun, have a good time, but personally I won’t be doing anything because I’m actually allergic to it. It can get pretty bad, so as long as you’re not doing it near me, go have fun and do what you want.”

Messenger also mentioned that he once had a bad experience after walking into a bathroom where somebody was “hot-boxing” and he was nearly hospitalized because of his allergic reaction to the fumes.

Regardless of whether or not they are going to be consuming it this year, many of this colleges students have expressed their support for cannabis.

There is going to be some celebration as this is the first April 20 with legal recreational use for the substance, so everyone’s safety will be a joint effort.

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