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Taylor Lobb


What are you willing to sacrifice for your personal well being?

As a country we have continued to experience mass devastation in the form of terrorism. Each person in the US can undeniably say they have been affected by such an awful act of hate.

The occurrence of such sadistic, cruel events can be prevented, but have certain sacrifices that come alongside. The biggest one, being privacy.

Acts such as the Espionage and Act of 1917 and the PATRIOT Act of 2001 aim to “intercept and obstruct” terrorism according to Wikipedia. These acts allow government to investigate via surveillance. This means wiretapping into phones of citizens, giving access to any and all conversations by any two people at any moment in time, thus helping prevent any premeditation of terrorist acts.

To some, this seems excessive and invasive. However, if these federal policies were not put in place, the devastation would be endless.

To the person who doesn’t want government officials hearing about how much weed you just sold to the next guy, let me tell you, they don’t care.

To the girl who doesn’t want government officials hearing about who you have or haven’t slept with this month, I ask you, why does it matter?

A person with nothing to hide should be willing to sacrifice their personal conversations in order to keep the country and its people as safe as humsnly possible.

Recently, our campus experienced an intense false alarm in response to a sighting of a rifle in a studnets backpack. This resulted in helicopters, roadblocks, and armed forces of police officers over the sight of a Nerf gun.

Some may deem these events as unnecessary and over dramaticized, however, the average person should be grateful for such effort by local authorities to keep our campus protected.

One could only hope that such a reaction takes place when the false alarm turns out to be a reality. Our survival depends on these drastic measures taken by our local and state government against terrorism.

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