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By Cierra Martinez @CIERRAMARIE26

As some may have noticed over the summer Las Positas has been under construction since spring last year, however another area on campus was also under construction in June, and was completed around early August.

In front of the 1600 building in the quad a steel statue was built, by artist Fletcher Benton. According to the LPC President’s newsletter, CLPCCD’s Board of Trustees designated funds to acquire “Folded Circle Ring and L.”

LPC committees and numerous individuals sought ideas and feedback from the campus community during the selection process. Deana Horvath and Don Miller were contacted for further information, but were unavailable for comment.

Some of the most respected museums in the world own works by Benton. His art can be found at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, Palace of the Legion of Honor, Stanford University Museum of Art, and University Art Museum, as well as University of California Berkeley.

Victoria Gomez is a first year student studying early child development, she commented about the statue saying, “I feel like for art, if it was donated that’s pretty cool, but I don’t know if I necessarily want the school spending so much on this.”

Makayla Smith, a first year psychology major said, “I think we should focus on more important things. Like getting the construction done so that our campus you can walk through without having to maze yourself around.”

Zyrah Montes shared her opinion of the statue as well, “I don’t know if that’s where I would optimize to put my school funds, especially since I work in biology. All of our equipment costs a lot of money. I’m not going to take it away from the art students and say, ‘you guys can’t have your money and we can.’ We take a lot of money for our research projects. It’s understandable.

“I’d rather put in trees, or something to do with nature more. I’m a biologist so I’m really into nature. Save the world, go green. Maybe something kind of along those lines.”

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