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Sanestina Hunter
Staff Writer

New Priority Registration Changes for Summer/Fall 2014

The California Community College Board of Governors approved a policy change to establish system-wide registration priorities, in an effort to improve student success. Forty new general education classes will be added to the Las Positas Campus.

The New Student Success Act is designed to help community colleges become more effective and responsive to the needs of the economy by enforcing the Six Success Factors that support student achievement to head out quicker. The six factors are the core of it all.

1. Students have a goal and know how to achieve it. 2. Student skills, talents, abilities and experiences are recognized, they have opportunities to contribute on campus and feel their contributions are appreciated. 3. Students will feel like they are a part of a college community. 4.Students will stay on track keeping their eyes on the prize. 5. Students feel that somebody wants to help them succeed. 6. Students actively participate in their learning, both in and out of class.

Research has shown that often, students who attend community colleges flounder around and don’t get out.

The plan would rebalance the priorities in the community college system, meaning that students will get the attention that they need to move on much quicker and more effectively.

“When a students asks a question, they will get the help that they need. Students will feel nurtured,” said Dean of Administration Barbara Morrissey.

The priority breaks down into three core services that must be completed in order to determine the student’s priority registration date, almost like a hierarchy. The student registration date has everything to do with whether or not they have completed the three core requirements of Assessment, Orientation and Student Education Plan.  Once the requirements have been met, student are placed in priority groups that move them up compared to students who have not yet completed the three core services and are placed at the bottom. To check your priority status and find out more information, check your Classweb account.

“The program was designed to help students be more motivated, more directed and more focused when they come to community colleges and accomplish their goals. When students have that focus, they are generally prone to do better,” Morrissey said.

Whether or not the student is part of a special group, such as veterans, DSPS, EPOS or Foster, all students are still responsible for completing the three core services, which are identified as Orientation, Assessment and the Student Education Plan. (SEP)

“This is weird, because for so long the priority registration process was not fair, but I am glad that they are making changes,” said sociology student Sara Lee. “I feel the New Student Success Act is fair and very realistic because many students only attend Community Colleges for the easy access to financial aid, most don’t care about the education just the free money, yet many need help with matriculation.”

Signing the student access into law will potentially help then meet their goals and bolster the economy. The services are intentionally critical, so that the students can and will meet their goals in order to obtain the degree or certificate and move forward, but there is a critical side to it all.

However, not everyone agrees with the new program.

“It’s not fair to the students that have been here for so long, because they come here to save money, and they may not have all their major requirements finished, or know exactly what they want to do. I’ve changed my major requirements myself a few times. I feel bad for my friends. Students should be able to take their time, like before,” said Ammar Rizvi, third year engineering student.

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