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Sanestina Hunter
Staff Writer

Prior to the announcement of election results, 26 senators and six officers anxiously waited in room 2206 to hear who would take on new responsibilities as incoming senators and officers of Las Positas College’s 2014 to 2015 student government.

“Both candidates who campaigned this year were outstanding. Eric Bolin and Rafi Ansari both did very well, either one of them selected would have made a great president, but Ansari came out the winner. He is very reflective, a deep thinker and I know he will make decisions rationally, well thought out and calm. He’s a great influence,” said Cynthia Ross, Director of Student Life.

Ansari was announced as the next Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC) president to serve on next year‘s committee.

He now shares his perspective after being selected president.

“First off I am so excited. Just excitement, I’ve have been student senator for two years now, and I know what sort of job it is.  A lot of people who’ve been campaigning and stuff, would come to the first month and then after the first month they don’t show up anymore because of the heavy work load and the motivation sorts of dies down,” Ansari said.

As a candidate, he is able to go out and speak to students around campus with confidence because he knows that this is what he is passionate about.

“Now going to classes, it felt really good to now publicize the campaign and it doesn’t look weird to now go out there and talk. You actually have a purpose now and people take you a lot more seriously. In the beginning while running as senator, I notice students are skeptical at this stage they are not really sure if this is what they want to do, they are just testing the waters,” he said.

There is a thin line between confidence and cockiness, though.

“When you accomplish something, a little bit of your ego goes up, but there is a really thin line of confidence and cockiness. To me, the difference between the two is confidence comes with humility. But you want to be in control,” he said.

An added benefit of being involved in ASLPC is meeting new people, especially faculty.

“I’m looking forward to meeting more faculty, that is always an exciting part. We’ve always see them as teachers in classrooms, but then you get to realize their life and what schools they went to and what their major were. You realize that this part of my life still lies ahead of me,” he said.

While taking control and meeting new people, Ansari wants to make it clear that he does not want to be a borderline dictator.

“I always tell people that I am here to be a delegator not a dictator, you don’t tell them what to do, and you just make sure that they follow the constitution and by-laws, it’s more of a chemistry making sure you get along with them, and handling disciplinary issues correctly. Christopher Southorn, former president of ASLPC, told me, ‘Be the president that they need, not one that they want,’” Ansari said.

Southorn believes Ansari has the qualities needed to be a student body leader.

“Rafi is one of the most reflective and compassionate people I have ever met. He takes his time to consider issues from all angles and he thinks with his heart as much as with his mind,” said Southorn.

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