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The college is hiring employees during this pandemic because there is still a need for the college to operate even if classes are online. The entire district is affected by budget issues and hiring freezes. Las Positas is seeing a hit when it comes to the students of the college as enrollment is down 8% as well as the less staff than the last spring semester. This is attributed to the pandemic.

Despite the times that the district is having because of the pandemic. Chabot and Las Positas colleges are facing a pandemic they must have the opportunity to hire people for jobs that are vacant and essential.

Challenges within LPC and CLPCCD as a result of a structural budget deficit which the district is being addressed with one-time funds and an anticipated shortfall from the annual budget allocation from the stat, due to the uncertain budgetary impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, 

CLPCCD has implemented a hiring freeze for permanent positions that allows the college and district to capture salary savings from vacant funded positions to address current budgetary shortfalls. “  President Foster said,  “Although there is a hiring freeze, the college is able to move forward with approval to hire mission critical permanent positions to maintain stability and effective operations of the college.”   “Foster stated that the decision to hire during this time is not based on division, it’s based on institutional needs as informed by recommendations from the faculty hiring prioritization committee and the Resource Allocation Committee, to the Executive Team and approved by the College President.  

Foster discussed the following positions that have been hired or approved to be announced as a result of them being identified as being mission critical to the operations of the college. New employees Monica Alvarez, Senior administrative Assistant Path, and Nathan Brandon, Athletic assistant and equipment technician. Alvarez has held other positions at LPC from when she was on campus as a student to now. 

The other positions where the job openings were announced were the VP of Student Services, Assessment Specialist, Senior Administrative Assistant (Dean, Counseling), Curriculum Specialist and the Director of DSPS. These positions are open to being filled.  He said that All of the current positions that are approved to be filled are existing positions and the result of a vacancy, and may be due to retirement or resignation.   Greg Johns was the instructional assistant in building 800 on campus.“ Foster States that The Position that Greg Johns held and is currently vacant and has not yet been approved to be filled at this point in time.

“Our college President  Foster stated in one of my questions who were the other candidates for that senior Administrator for Stuart McElderry Assistants and  that Unfortunately, he  was  unable to disclose personnel matters that fall under the purview of Human Resources.” Foster States that The Position that Greg Johns held is currently vacant and has not yet been approved to be filled at this point in time.“ He also said that no other permanent hires in the other departments at this time.


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