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Augusta Hohn
Staff Writer

In full effect this semester is a new Chabot and Las Positas state-mandated policy that inhibits students from attempting to take a course a multitude of times.

If a student has registered for a class and received a no credit, withdrawal or a letter grade of D or F, they are limited to two additional attempts. This policy limits repetition for a course and its equivalents, so if a student withdraws from a difficult online class and fails in a face-to-face version, they are only allowed one more chance.

Another aspect of this policy is the inability to repeat a class if a student received a passing grade of a C or higher.

Admissions and Records staff member Amril D’Souza explained that the Repetition Policy can be especially damaging to students with disabilities and to English as a Second Language students.

“Taking one class and getting a C does not mean that you really understood the class,” D’Souza said.

D’Souza’s colleague, Brian Lavietes, agreed that the policy is detrimental to students. For students who are returning to college or who have a rocky past, the policy makes it impossible to resolve haunting past mistakes.

Chris Southorn, Associated Students of Las Positas College President, recognizes the flaws in the Repetition Policy.

“Finding ways to get students into classrooms for courses that they are required to take is an admirable goal. However, no plan could account for every possible outcome and we are aware of issues that some of our fellow students are facing. An example that comes to mind is performing arts majors who repeat courses to stay involved in their programs.”

Southorn added, “One of our duties in student government is to confront situations where the needs of our peers aren’t being met. We will continue to advocate for students who are negatively affected by this policy.”

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