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By Christina Vargas


There is a new club on campus. It is creative.

No, really. It is centered on creativity. With hopes to build a community of creative minds at the school, Calvin Smith created the Creative Compass Club.

“It’s a club that tries to cover all the creative endeavors humanity has pursued,” psychology mayor and club member Garrett Calcagno said.“We share personal taste, and learn about others’ as well. I’ve enjoyed learning about new musicians.”

The Creative Compass Club was one of the memorable attractions of Club Day back on Feb. 14. It intrigued students with an inviting vibe, music, and a collection of items. It was difficult to walk past without wondering what was going on.

That’s the goal of the club, to tap into that curiosity, using the passion and talents of others as the bait for this circle of creative fusion.It acts as a smorgasbord or interests, allowing club members to sample.

Each week, the club dives into a particle creative forum. They meet in the Green Room of the Barbara Fracisco Mertes Center for the Arts on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Then on Friday, they take an off-campus excursion centered on the theme of the week. One week, they took in a live poetry and music event in Livermore.

They will shift gears all over the place. Art, music, film, literature, innovation, food and travel are the pillars they will explore.

“There is a zero percent chance that you will, in one lifetime, be able to experience all that the Earth has to offer,” said Smith, the president of the club. “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot.”

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