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Kalama Hines
Features Editor

Hers is a story of persistence. One of commitment and the willingness to succeed.

Ramona Peterson joined the military to see the world.

After her term of service concluded, she set her sights on something else — a college degree.

“Mona” will graduate on May 31, 2014. Not only will she leave Las Positas as the proud owner of that targeted college degree, she will leave with three.

Her success in college was not deterred by nearly a decade of service in the U.S. Navy. Those degrees were not delayed by the fulfillment of another goal — international travel.

Peterson is proof that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

“She’s extremely dedicated,” LPC Spanish professor Catherine Suarez said of Peterson. “She always wants to know more about her art.”

In 2005, Peterson graduated from MITI Business College, with honors, receiving a certificate in medical assisting.

In the fall semester of 2009, Peterson enrolled as a student at LPC.

In 2011 Peterson received a photography certificate. And, come the end of May, she will receive an Associate of Sciences (AS) in Photography. She will also secure an Associate of Arts (AA) in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in humanities, and an AA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in language arts.

The 38-year-old graduated from Tracy High School in 1994. And, after a year off, she enlisted in the Navy in January 1996. Upon the completion of her eight years of service, Peterson relieved her post in March 2004.

Her travels have not been held to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington state, where she spent most of her service time. She has also joined Professor Suarez on trips to Cuba, four times.

In fact, Peterson’s expertise as a photographer have made her the official photographer for Suarez.

Suarez is so enamored by her talents, that she, along with other members of faculty, aided Peterson with her first photo exhibit, which was partnered with the 2011 Italian Film Festival at LPC. Suarez is also very proud to acknowledge that she, herself, purchased multiple photos form Peterson to display in her home.

Peterson has also been to Canada and Mexico.

That is her dream: “I want to shoot the entire world.”

One destination high on Peterson’s list of places to visit is Antarctica. That’s right, Antarctica.

Her explanation: “Photo opportunities.”

Peterson explained that when she thinks of places she’d like to visit, she doesn’t do it the way that most do — she  sees the possibility of beautiful images.

When many think of Brazil, they may imagine white sand beaches, and the infamous party scene. Not Peterson.

“You can capture the bioluminescence in the water,” Peterson said.

In fact, there are very few places Peterson doesn’t dream of shooting. Instead, she would like nothing more than taking pictures of everything, and everywhere.

“That’s what I want to do. I’m getting there — I’m seeing bit by bit. And one day I will see the whole world.”

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