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Shayla Gasca
Staff Writer

Finals are coming up which means students are starting their feverish end-of-semester studying.

However, some students avoid letting the pressure get to them by using music as a stress reliever and study aid.

“If I want to be serious I’ll listen to Lorde, instrumentals, Lana Del Rey and Sam Smith,” Las Positas Student Sabrina Junqueiro says. Depending on study conditions, Junquiero says she also listens to country music such as Zac Brown Band.

Students listen to different genres and artists, depending on their preferences.

For instance, student Yosef Dayekh said, “I usually listen to hip-hop or rap.” 

Student Jannine Chavarria said, “I would say metal. Heavy metal.”

Whatever genre it is, it keeps them concentrated on whatever subject they are studying.

But while some students use music as therapeutic background noise, others believe that it can be more of a distraction than an aid when it comes to studying.

According to Dayekh, depending on the difficulty of the exam, music does not always help.

Student Noor Ahamd said, “Honestly I don’t believe music is good while studying, because it just distracts you from studying and doing well on your exams.”

Although studying with music is not for everyone, for many students music keeps the brain sharp and focused on the task at hand. Whether the artist is Blink 182, The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Pierce The Veil or Rebecca Black, music is a good way to get students in the studying mood.

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