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Katrina Gardner
Arts & Entertainment Editor

The idea was to complement the musical “Hair,” and it did that but it also shined on its own. Before, during the intermission and after the show, people wandered through the art display to admire the artists’ work.

“We took the art of the 1960s and put a 21st twist,” LPC Art Instructor Bill Paskewitz said. He and his art class wanted to paint something to go along with the 60’s musical, but they also needed a way to connect it with this decade. So they combined the psychedelic feel of the 60’s with modern pop art to achieve their goal.

All this led to a room filled with iconic symbols from our generation, such as Facebook, Apple products, Starbucks, Hillary Clinton, Yolandi Visser and Psy, all with dramatic comic book lines, flower power and peace signs to represent the 60’s.

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