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Angelica Estacio

Design Editor

Golden rolling papers.

Amidst the sea of T-shirts, key chains and stickers, golden rolling papers joined the souvenirs sold at the entrance of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour show at the SAP Center last Tuesday, Feb. 25.

To many who are expecting to see a Disney-themed concert, this should have been warning enough. There is no denying that Cyrus’ image has evolved dramatically over only the past year. And it seems like she just can’t stop.

“If you wanna be treated like a lady, don’t go inside!” A protester in front of SAP called out to groups of girls waiting in line to get in the venue. The show-goers, most of them sporting Cyrus-signature pigtails and provocative clothing choices, remained unmoved by pleads and posters exclaiming, “God is judging you.”

Cyrus surely caused yet another buzz when she premiered her Northern American tour on Valentines Day in Vancouver, Canada. Despite requests and petitions for the tour to be cancelled, Bangerz blazes on, leaving tears for both fans and haters alike.

The show opened with familiar female musicians Sky Ferreira and duo Icona Pop. Then Cyrus came. Then there were smoke machines. Lasers. Trippy LCD displays. Vulgar language. Marijuana body suit and bling. Simulated sexual acts on stage (orgies, spanking… you name it!)

Doesn’t sound like the place for 14-year-olds, but they made up the crowd that evening.

Cyrus’ set list was loyal to her new persona. Comprised only of her new album’s songs, including chart-toppers “We Can’t Stop,” “Adore You” and “Wrecking Ball.” None of her tweeny hits from another Miley lifetime. Except, perhaps, for a couple that we can say helped Cyrus transcend her Disney stage into where she is now: “I can’t be tamed” and show-ender “Party in the USA.”

Bangerz is a blast to those who knew what they came for. Which is to say a twerking, popping, singing and party-loving Miley Cyrus. It may be a nightmare to the older folks, judging primarily from the disappointed faces of middle-aged couple sitting right next to me, but it’s a dream come true to those who follow Cyrus’ music. Including myself, might I add.

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