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By Mitchell Mylius

Livermore Police Department is asking local residents who have surveillance cameras installed to log into a collective surveillance system they have to help solve crimes.

The department is not asking residents for permanent access or a live stream of surveillance footage, police said.

The officers are instead encouraging businesses or homeowners to register any video surveillance systems they may have on their property to a secure online database.

According to the crime map on the Livermore Site, most crimes recorded are allegedly committed near the downtown area of Livermore. A place heavily dosed with homes and businesses.

Installing a surveillance system can help at least get a clue to who may have committed the crime.

Read more at the department’s website and the article released by Contra Costa Times. Also check out this article by Bay City News with alleged thefts caught on surveillance.

Here is an image from an incident from last year where a woman was allegedly caught on surveillance stealing a package from a front porch in the southeast side of the city. (Courtesy of Livermore Police)
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