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Election results for the Las Positas College Student Government (LPCSG) this year were announced a little different than previous years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The LPCSG election was held entirely online and the winners were declared via ConferZoom on Monday, April 13 with four of the seven positions being filled.

At the time of this writing, no official vote tally has been made available.

Listed below are the winners and quotes from their campaign flyers:

President: Saba Salchifar

“I would seek to improve student awareness of events and activities by starting a Student Remind. My goal is to be able to provide and deliver as many resources as possible by taking on new projects, as well as providing funding for the Reading and Writing center.”

Vice President: Esmaa Elgarguri

 “I would like to be able to make our experience at school more alive, I want to introduce new ideas and assist in creating an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable with each other. I want to attempt to make our college of strangers feel less strange, because each student deserves to be recognized.”

Director of Legislation: Raine Yenlinn

“Overall community is a priority for me. When I spoke to students, I found that one of the primary issues at Las Positas is making friends. It is no surprise though, considering that many students have outside commitments. That said, I would work to promote more events such as the Spring Fling, with more publicity — possibly a recreational orientation with a focus on incoming students, though other students may attend. Secondly, there has been multiple concerns regarding misinformation surrounding college transfers.”

Student Trustee: Frank Polanco

“I would like to ensure that our campus is a safe place for everyone and that their voices are not only heard but also acknowledged. As a board member, I will have the privilege to attend executive board meetings with college council, chancellor council meetings, and town meetings.”

The positions of Director of Communication, Director of Events and Inter-Club Council Chair are now vacant.


Ana Delgadillo is a staff writer for The Express. Follow her at @aaanakd.

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