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Las Positas College has passed a vaccination mandate for all students and staff planning to attend in-person classes for the spring 2022 semester.

The mandate itself requires all students that intend on attending in-person classes this coming spring semester, to be vaccinated or have a vaccination exemption request approved. Class-Web will not allow students to register for in-person classes until they are approved.

Students that choose not to get vaccinated will still have online options for the majority of classes. There still are some classes that do not have online options for those who plan on or have to stay at home.

With this being a new mandate there is also a new process about doing things. Students have been sent a link to their student email, allowing them to get their vaccine status approved.

The main option is to submit a photo of an official vaccine card along with the dates to Cleared4. This is a service that keeps track of your vaccination status that is linked with the college. This process takes a few minutes and in turn, will take up to 48 hours to get approved.

There are also options such as linking your medical records through the pharmacy or in -person site that you were vaccinated at. You may also refer to a letter sent out by LPC Student Government President, Kyle Johnson which is featured in this article on 

There are many important things to be aware of before coming to campus this spring. There are also many questions in regards to how life will be on and off campus.

In terms of life on campus in the spring, there will be some adjustments that take some getting used to. Masks will be required at all times while on campus whether inside or outside. Students are urged to stay home if feeling sick and are also encouraged to avoid large gatherings throughout campus.

The safety on campus is an important factor according to Megan Jones, a current student at Las Positas, “It is important to keep people safe and ensure that everyone feels comfortable going back to in person classes.” This seems to be the collective response from a large number of students that are heading into the spring 2022 semester. “For the most part, we all know how difficult the past year has been and transitioning from all online classes to in person may be a similar challenge.”

The overall mindset seems to be in support of the staff and professors. Jones said, “Knowing that most of our teachers really just want to see us succeed is a good thing to keep in mind when attending in-person classes again.”

As far as the ramifications of this mandate, time will tell if there is a large impact on the overall enrollment numbers as well the admission rates. Classes are still filling up quickly however, as registration is underway.

Josh Jones is a writer for The Express. Follow him @Jones_Josh5

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