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The Las Positas College campus shutdown with one day’s notice on Thursday, March 11. College leaders hoped that the campus could open soon afterward, but with the Alameda County Shelter in Place directive, the campus remained closed. Everyone, including LPC’s Student Government, was caught by surprise.

“LPC Student Government is doing its best to continue to support the LPC students during the campus shutdown. The biggest concern is elections for next semester,“ Director of Events for Student Government Shahaf Dan said.

On Wednesday, April 1, Student Government held its first virtual meeting using ConferZoom.  After some confusion on how to hold the roll call, the meeting settled down and proceeded as usual. Participants, as in regular meetings, had to be recognized by the chair in order to speak. Future meetings will be held on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. using ConferZoom.

Applications for the Student Government executive board elections were due on Tuesday, March 31. Students only applied for three of the ten positions according to Dan, who attributed the lack of candidates to the campus closure.

Students submitted applications for the positions of President, Vice President and Director of Legislation. Elections will continue as planned with the ballots open from Monday, April 6 to Sunday, April 12 using Class-Web to vote. Students are encouraged to vote.

Student Government also approved transferring $45,000 from the Student Government accounts to the Inter-Club Council accounts as part of the normal budget process.

A committee was formed to explore starting a scholarship fund for students during the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

A change to the Student Government constitution was approved. The changes are minor according to Director of Legislation Shana Das changing from six to eight executive positions and changing the “executive council” to “executive board.” These changes will now be sent to the student body for voting in a future election.

Student government also approved donating masks to Stanford ValleyCare who runs the student health service and Maintenance and Operations department. The masks were purchased last year during the fires but never used.

Student Government President Blessing Nkrumah announced during the meeting that the Market scheduled for April 21 will be canceled due to the campus shutdown.

LPC’s Student Government plans to continue to function and provide student support during the closure.

Remember to vote for the student government positions between April 6 and 12 on Class Web. Elections will be under the Student Services tab.


Alan Lewis is the photo editor of The Express. Follow him @alolewis1.

Brandon Byrne also contributed to this report. He is the public relations manager for The Express. Follow him at @brandonbyrne18.

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