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William Tanner
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Las Positas College remembered one of its own on Saturday. Coach Tony Costello’s life was celebrated by just over 400 people.

In the place where he made his mark on the LPC campus, friends, family, coaches and current as well as former players filled up the gym. Costello was remembered as a man with a fiery passion for the game.

“He was on those referees non-stop,” said Marshall Collins, LPC Men’s basketball assistant coach. “He paced up and down the floor, yelling and screaming at the referees trying to get a tech.”

Coach Collins wasn’t the only one who talked about Costello’s passion for the game. Every coach and player who stepped up to the microphone remembered the fire that was lit when the first whistle blew.

Costello wasn’t just passionate about the game on the court, but off it as well. He genuinely cared about his players as students and wanted them to succeed. Costello lobbied for athletes to get priority registration so they would be able to have the units to play their sports. He helped out students by inviting them to his house for the holidays to make sure they had a good meal. Costello didn’t stop there. He would help them find jobs and places to live.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Costello was a humble man. When he was asked by a fellow coach if he would like to be nominated to the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) Hall of Fame, he would always say no.

Costello is being nominated for a spot in the CCCAA Hall of Fame, as well as Chabot Community College’s Hall of Fame.

Chabot-Las Positas College Board of Trustees President Dr. Arnufulo Cedillo wants to do one more thing for the man who made a huge impact on the school. Along with Chancellor Jannett Jackson, Cedillo is working on a plan to memorialize Costello on the LPC campus.

“We need to make sure we do not forget Tony,” said Cedillo “I, as President of the board, and as a member of the board of trustees want to name this court and this building after Tony.”

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