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Shayla Gasca


About 150 shootings have happened in the United States since 2013, according to

Police say Christopher Harper-Mercer fatally shot eight students and an assistant professor at Umpqa Community College on Oct. 1, 2015.

For years LPC has prepared for situations that could harm the community.

“(Mass shootings) just happen,” Las Positas Campus Safety Dispatcher Frankie Danner said. “They can happen anywhere.”

According to Danner, the school is not fully protected from having mass shootings from happening .

“So many people resort to violence to solve their problem,” said Danner.

The emergency regulations call for students, staff and faculty to turn off the lights in the classroom, push all the desks to block the doors and cover the window.

Danner said that nobody should run out of the building, because that’s just what the shooters want to happen.

“Even the most peaceful place can be dangerous if the wrong people go in,” said LPC student Roman Campos.

Campos believes that Las Positas is safe. However, he would not trust any safe place.

Las Positas College does not only have adults enrolled, but it has a department full of newborns and toddlers called the Child Development Center(CDC).

“We work together as a team to make everybody safe here,” said program director of CDC, Corinna Calica.

According to Calica, the department holds drills every month.

“We’ve been incorporating more in the last two years,” said Calica.

“We are anticipating on how to make our entire community even safer.”

Las Positas College along with other California community colleges are required to record crimes that happen on campus. They are called the Clery Act Statistics.

The school’s website reports only two recorded crimes. In 2013, there was one record of arson on the school property and 2014 has a record of burglary on “non-campus property.”

In 2015, at least 271 mass shootings have been recorded in the United States according to

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