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By Thiha Seth Naing


Jazz Jam at Swirl on the Square

Jazz. Exciting. Innovative. A continuously adapting spectacle of American music loved by many. From blues to swing, from the vibrant streets of New Orleans to the extravagant parties of Chicago, jazz has been the forefront of club entertainment and the dance floor during the Golden Age of Music.

Cindy Rosefield, LPC director of instrumental studies, encourages members of the college community to experience the same feelings during the Jazz Jam at Swirl on the Square. Bring your friends, have a drink and enjoy the music.

“Live music is always better,” Rosefield said, “You can always learn a lot by live music because it is exciting. You can watch it happening. You can see the communication, of the musicians on the stage. And the by watching the communication, you are locking in, and it is much easier to listen too.”

Women in Jazz at the Black Box Theater


Come feel the explosion of jazz in its greatest sound from the Las Positas Jazz Ensemble with Dublin High School Jazz Band.

The performance features special guests Mimi Fox (guitar), Jeanne Geiger (trombone), Katie Williams (trumpet), Kris Strom (tenor sax) and Kelly Fasman (drums). The groups will play original compositions by Rosefield and Dublin High’s Band Director and teacher, Melissa Williams.

As March is Women’s month and April is Jazz Appreciation Month, the performers dedicate the achievements and success of female Jazz artists with a celebration called Women in Jazz.

“We are doing this to show that there are incredible musicians around us, and some just happen to be female,” said Rosefield.

The event is free due to a grant from the LPC Foundation. The performance will be in Building 4000 at 7 p.m. on March 15.

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