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Ashley Freitas
Staff Writer

Ghosts, goblins, witches and at Las Positas, our very own Lego man. It’s reaching the time of year where the leaves are falling and so are clothe lengths as we come up to the next celebration: Halloween.

This year, Oct. 31 will fall on a Thursday and I don’t know about everyone else, but I am going to be dressing up no matter the weather.

In the past years, some teachers at Las Positas have given out extra credit to students who dress up on Halloween and some just dress up for the fun of it all. Usually there are not that many people who are dressed up at Las Positas for the occasion. The campus may be spotted with students who look like zombies, superheroes, mixed with the possible celebrity, mug shot look or not.

Now I’m not saying that students are losing their interest in getting a chance to dress up like some random character and have some fun. There’s still a chance to have fun and shenanigans after class is out on Halloween (I mean the legal kind of fun and shenanigans). It might just be that students are busy trying to get their studying done during their class time and they go all out after the bell tolls for them.

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