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The LPC Veterans First program hosted their annual “Remembering 9.11 Never Forget” On Sept. 11. The event featured speeches including President Foster and Veterans First Supervisor Todd Steffan as well as keynote speaker Lt. Col. Robert J. Darling.

The virtual event  was live streamed on the Vimeo livestream platform. This was the first time that the event was done virtually.

The event started off with the singing of the National Anthem by Alejandra Quezada-Sermeno, a LPC student and ROTC Air Force Cadet at UC Berkeley. The Golden Gate Young Marines presented colors from the LPC soccer field on campus.

Foster then delivered his own speech on the impact of 9/11.

“The heroism and compassion that we witnessed were boundless on 9/11. The heroes, our first responders, from all backgrounds and all walks of life responded with speed, with courage and with compassion,” said Foster.

Keynote speaker Darling then spoke about his experience on 9/11 and how he was in close contact with the Situation Room during the attacks. He had written a book sharing his account and detailing how the government handled the event titled “24 hours Inside the President’s Bunker.” 

Darling went into detail about his role in the 9/11 attacks as he was directly involved with former Vice President Dick Chaney. He ended his presentation by emphasizing that Americans will always stay together in times of crisis.

“We are very divided politically, but we are never divided as Americans. Wherever we face adversity or tragedy, when we have unity and purpose we will come together and we will save each other at all costs,” said Darling at the end of his address. 

You can view the full livestream of the event here.

Nathan Canilao is the editor-in-chief of The Express. Follow him @nathancanilao.

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