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According to a 2014 report by, 1 in 5 college students partake in drug use. This statistic has since risen.

Las Positas College seems to be a well rounded school, with a 71 percent success rate in course completion as of 2017. But according to Foud Ahmed, a recent LPC graduate, there is a major problem with substance abuse and addiction on campus.

“Las Positas is very open, people have designated places [to use drugs] actually. Behind the library, some parking lots, and where now they made the new building,” stated Ahmed.

He added, “There was lots of marijuana… lots were on Adderall. Someone was even busted with cocaine two years ago.”

Ahmed stated that even some faculty have problems with substance abuse, recalling a time where he reported a cafeteria member smoking marijuana while on the job.

“Though it was all undercover, myself and my friends told the dean of Las Positas, had a huge meeting which he denied and then later on, he got fired.”

According to Ahmed, there is more the school can do to help victims.

On the LPC website under the section titled “Substance Abuse”, it is stated: “A student may be arrested, suspended, expelled, placed on probation or given a lesser sanction for good cause and in accordance with procedures consistent with due process for violations of the drug and alcohol policy.”

But what about students that want to seek help on campus? The last section of the text reads:

“Students and employees will be informed of the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol, and will be advised of the availability of drug and alcohol counseling, treatment or rehabilitation.”

For most, this is not enough to help students who are suffering.

Las Positas student Michael DeLorenzo, passionate about the subject, suggested, “The school should do an addiction program for all these young adults leaving their parents’ homes and trying out adulthood for the first time. Even if they outreach a handful of students to what people see as the ‘degenerates’ or ‘people who are going to fail anyway.’”

He commented about his experiences, stating, “I have seen drug use by Las Positas students…students used to dab in the parking lot…Adderall, coke is popular for fun, molly for raving.”

There should be more support systems within LPC, perhaps a team of counselors dedicated to students dealing with addiction, or support clubs around campus. If the school were to implement new support groups, the statistic might decrease in the upcoming months.

It is important that students know and understand the consequences of drug abuse, not only academic consequences, but physical and mental outcomes as well.

There should be more stress on health related problems resulting from addiction, instead of focusing on academic repercussions. Students should not just be afraid of being kicked out of school.

A school, especially a college, should be a place for learning and growth. Not a place for people to party and get high.

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