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By Brianna Ross @itsbriross

Barbara Reynolds has been hosting the Celebrate Women event on campus for 3 years.

Reynolds, who has traveled the world has had the opportunity to take masterful photographs of all the places she’s been, wanted to give the opportunity for other artists to showcase their work as well.

According to Reynolds, this showcase is unique, and unlike any other because anyone is able to enter with few limitations. Though the contest focuses on showing photographs that feature women, men are encouraged and welcomed to submit their work as well.

Reynolds stressed that she wanted the contest to be entirely inclusive and open for all aspiring artists.

In addition to the contest being open to all, there is also no fee required to submit work, which according to Reynolds is “rare to find in most photo contests these days.”

This year also marks the second year that the event has partnered up with Granada High School. Reynolds gave a platform to high school students to showcase their pieces on a larger scale, and give them the option to win awards and recognition. This year, eight students submitted their work, and some will go on to receive an honorable mention at the awards ceremony set to take place later this month.

Diamond Wesley is the winner of the first place monetary prize provided by the ASLPC, she along with the other prize winners will be awarded on March 30 in the 2400 building from 6:30- 8 p.m.

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