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We all need to recharge our batteries every once in a while, and our phone batteries are no exception.

There are now several cell phone charging stations that have been introduced to the Las Positas campus. Any time your cell phone is low on power, you can visit these stations to bring your battery up to a sufficient charge.

The charging stations are located in various hotspots around campus. There is one in the cafeteria, the Tutorial Center (room 2401),and the student government office (room 1643), and the library.

Nessa Julian, director of student equity and success, added: “The stations were installed in May 2017, they are here permanently for students to use.” Julian is a student government adviser who helps oversee decisions made by the council.

The chargers are free to use. All the charging station needs is a PIN to unlock a numbered locker to put your phone in. Someone looking to use a charging station will need to come up with a one-time PIN. The PIN has to be complicated; trying to use “1234” or “0000” as a PIN would not be allowed by the machine.

Once the PIN is set, a locker opens so you can start charging and leave your phone in a safe place. There are three types of chargers available to use: a lightning cable for iPhones, and a Micro-USB and USB-C cable for other types of phones.

With the busy life that students lead, it is important to have a fully functioning cell phone at all times. These charging stations are a great resource to students having battery issues, looking for some extra recharging in their day.

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