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Timothy Salinas Piper
Staff Writer

The Biology Department and Biology Club hosted Dr. Khanh Nguyen for a pre-med workshop in the 1850 building. Dr. Nguyen answered questions and shared personal insight with the attendees about health care.

Nguyen reassured students that tests and exams would not make or break their career. High scores in Math and English are important, but there are other areas in which proficiency can be demonstrated to prove their worth as a candidate.

“How will you confirm your diagnosis? You run a test based off of an educated guess,” Nguyen said.

Mental health and stress management are important aspects of overall health. Skills that work within an individual’s abilities can be acquired and perfected over time to maximize abilities and potential.

“Mental health in general is very important. Whether you’re a teacher, policeman, EMT or a physician, mental health is a very important part of your health,” Nguyen said.

While proficiency and mental health are important, Nguyen urged that students make time to take care of themselves.

“Foster your skills and take the best care of yourself,” Nguyen said. “You have to really take care of yourself.”

Dr. Khanh Nguyen is a medical doctor at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

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