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By Greg Buckley @ GbucKking

His breath comes to a quiet whisper. A sweat bead slowly trickles down his golden locks, leaving a trail as it travels across his forehead passing over his bushy eyebrows.

He has stalked his prey for miles. Assuming his position, he readies his weapon.

It happens so quickly. His prey only knows that the sting of his arrow has pierced the heart.

Life will forever be changed. Thank you Cupid.

Valentine’s Day is a joke. A day created during the early Roman Empire to celebrate fertility has now grown into a test of who is a sucker for advertising and marketing sales. A blind follower of social rules day.

It’s installed a false sense of hope within a relationship, and created a new era of lovers that aimlessly pretend to love each other by how many likes they got on their photo posted on Instagram.

The day of loving that special someone is painted as one day. Screw the other 364 days, if you can bring the “A” game on Feb. 14, you are a keeper.

The age-old saying that money can’t buy love is being questioned on a day that is solely centered on buying gifts.

This thinking goes beyond just Valentine’s Day, and most of it can be linked to big brother who is high fiving his corporate buddies over how many dance to their tune.

They decided to take the birth of Christ, and slap some overweight white man with an orgy of reindeers on the front. It’s aimed at kids who want their gifts now.

The same team turned the resurrection of Jesus into a celebration of bunnies, and somehow associates it with colored eggs and jellybeans. We all know Jesus loves his cherry flavored ones.

According to, an estimated 62% of Americans take part in Valentine’s Day. $20 billion will be spent, or an average of $130 per person.

1 billion cards will be given, which is more than any other day except Christmas.

35 million heart shaped boxes will be bought, 220 million roses are produced, and 4 billion is spent on jewelry for this special day.

The cheesiest stat that found is what they called the ultimate romantic gesture, which is to propose.

Estimated 6 million couples will get engaged. The imagination is lackluster and extremely predictable. Way to be creative, gents.

This is another day to celebrate women, which should be every day. Where are all the modern independent and equal women when they expect to be pandered to?

There are no commercials of women who bring home the bacon buying their stay at home husband a new car. Up the game, ladies.

To truly love someone is an everyday process, and how to do it is completely up to the participants. It cannot be defined within a day or a gift.

Celebrating days that are special amongst each other is what makes a holiday in a relationship. A birthday, first date, or wedding anniversaries are a cause for a distinctive celebration.

A predetermined day set by salesman isn’t one, but I’m sure buying that necklace on Valentine’s Day will mean just as much to her as it does to the jewelry industry.

Gifts are nice to give, receive, but if the roller coaster of a relationship is determined by materialistic ideas, and can’t be replaced by a hug, praying together or the sweet sound of silence, then the direction of the relationship needs to be questioned.

The act of truly caring for someone isn’t enough for most. Valentine’s Day is used as a crutch. Going into it, the work should have had already been done.

Yes, Valentine’s Day may boost that relationship temporarily, but if the 364 other days don’t translate to the melody of a Boyz II Men song, then it’s time to move on.

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