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Shelby Escott
Features Editor

Everyone has a dream to follow, but most are unrealistic or forgotten when reality sets in, but not for Casey Johnson. As a child, she knew what she wanted to do with her life and now is making it happen.

At age fourteen, Johnson got her first camera. As she puts it, photography is in her blood. Her grandfather and two uncles were all photographers before her and were a great influence to her.

Since those simple beginnings, Johnson has worked hard to make her dreams of moving to London and becoming a photographer a reality. Baptized by Blood is a show of Johnson’s mixed media photography that will be hung in St. Sepulcher’s church in London England on Nov 27.

Johnson said, “I’ve always loved it and it’s always been something I wanted to pursue. It’s only in the last 4 or 5 years though that I decided I need to pursue these dreams with all I have or give them up and do something else.”

This vision of hers all started when she was growing up in Livermore. Having graduated from Granada High school, Johnson attended Las Positas College where she dove into photography in earnest.

The independent study B&W class was her favorite because it gave her the freedom to explore the craft, making her hobby a passion. From there, she moved onto Cal State East Bay where she finished her BA in photography.

Now in London, Johnson finds inspiration for her art in the contrast between contemporary photographic art and religion. She explores the reason for the separation between the two, and attempts to bring them together in her work.

“For a long time, art and religion were inextricable from one another, the church commissioned work and religion was totally mainstream. With modern times the table has turned.” Said Johnson.

Her mixed media style is completely her own, bold and totally immersive. She draws her inspiration from texts and tries not to borrow from other artists wanting her work to stand out like no one else’s.

But Johnson still has a way to go in order to fulfill this dream. To get there she has launched a Kickstarter campaign called “Baptized by Blood: London”. Having already raised over $6,000, Johnson’s campaign has yet to reach her goal of $7,300.

To support Johnson, people wanting to contribute can visit her Kickstarter and donate to her cause.

“As an artist I can’t separate who I am with my work, and who I am is a Christian.” Said Johnson.

Bold artwork that expresses her unique style and what she believes in, Johnson’s show will be opened for one night in St. Sepulcher’s church.

Her exhibition, Baptised by Blood, will be going up no matter what she has to face, taking her that much closer to her dream of becoming a photographer based in England. But to make the show the best that it can be, her campaign has to reach it’s goal by Sunday Nov 2nd.

Johnson said, “I know that my hometown community is cheering me on and will always be there for me and that is a really big deal when you’re out there taking risks so far from home.”

You can visit Johnson’s Kickstarter by clicking HERE


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